Gorno's (Cardiff) - Calabrese

We made a recent family trip to Cardiff, and in town in one of the many arcades we found Wally's, a well renowned deli selling all sorts of continental "foody" delights, and netted some Gorno's Calabrese sausages to try.

Gorno's is a well established specialist in high quality pepperoni and continental sausages, cured meat products and charcuterie in South Wales.  Well given their win of the UK Great Taste Award 2012 ... we're going in!

These Calabrese (spicy calabrian) boasted 100% pork with chilli and fennel, all vacuum packed up and looking very different from our usual loose sausage purchases from our "normal" retailers.  Incidentally the packaging does look very similar to those sausages that our friends at
sausagereviews.com over in the USA review. 

OK enough on packaging...cooked up a firm deep coloured sausage as you would expect with a high percentage meat.  The skins were pretty good but perhaps not natural, however sausages with no added fats or water, gluten free and also free from artificial colours and phosphates did interest us...

The bite was firm and the chew was delightful to be honest.  Bordering on pepperoni firmness.  Taste-wise, yes bring on the fennel and chilli!  Lovely without being instant heartburn thankfully.  We sliced them up with a simple pasta and tomato sauce, and enjoyed the moment.

Certainly a sausage worth trying yourselves if you get a chance. 

Gorno's (Cardiff) - Calabrese     (May 2013)

Here's the sample details:
130x28mm before cooking, 125x25mm after.
83g before cooking, 79g after.
That's a shrinkage of 14% & weight loss of approx 5%.
4 packaged at 3.30 (9.95/Kg)