FL Edge & Son (Norwich) - Harling Pork

Granny found these rather petite Norfolk sausages in Morrisons near Kessingland, Suffolk evidently and only went and cooked up a pack for us to try for breakfast. Hmm OK we're going in...

80% British pork from prime cuts the packet sleeve says. Natural hog casings. A recipe passed down the generations of Edge butchers. Well that ticks three boxes straightaway!

Mind you these are individually a small sausage by any ones standard. Even the packaging looks far too big. (I pushed the sleeve over a bit otherwise the photo just looked like only 4 sausages in a pack!) Cooked up it would be fair to say they do shrink a tad more, but you know the taste, we agreed was pretty good!

Texture-wise just on the smooth side of medium. The bite was good, and the flavour OK (lacked a bit of spice for me personally when eaten separately), but as part of a hearty breakfast, that'll do nicely!

FL Edge & Son Ltd are located in East Harling,Norwich., (hence no doubt the Harling Pork Sausage title), and have won awards over the years being recognised as a quality meat supplier.

Not bad at all was the general consensus on these sausages. Put another pack on the shopping list then granny for our next visit...at that price you cannot go wrong!.

FL Edge & Son (Norwich) - Harling Pork  (Jul 2014)

Here's the sample details:
80x30mm before cooking, 76x30mm after.
50g before cooking, 46g after.
That's a shrinkage of 5% & weight loss of approx 8%.
8 sausages in a 400g pack 2.00 (from Morrisons) (5.00/kg).



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