EH Prior (Kings Lynn) - Victorian Breakfast

Friends (and business clients) from near Kings Lynn called in the other day and dropped in a big bag of sausages! Give these Norfolk sausages a go they said......

Now a Victorian Breakfast sausage, what are these? From a bit of research on Google there's not a lot specifically we could find, mind you we did note that Queen Victoria required her sausages to be made from chopped meat rather than minced!

Our friends were told when they bought these from Knights Hill Farm Shop that they did have breadcrumbs in the mixture, so chopped meat perhaps and breadcrumbs then? We shall see...

In the raw looking good, and cooked up the natural skins browned very nicely with the sausages staying nice and plump. No residual oil was left in the pan.  In fact no oil at all in the pan so it looks like they may have absorbed what we had used originally.

The texture was pretty chunky agreed but very moist and soft.  I suspect the breadcrumbs perhaps had fattened up in the cooking process and held the moisture and oils. Quite odd to bite and chew because of the softness of texture. We might try grilling a couple to see if that works better. Taste-wise, we're sorry but nothing special.

An OK sausage of course that would work well in a sandwich or with egg, beans, bacon and the rest.

EH Prior (Kings Lynn) - Victorian Breakfast (Feb 2014)

Here's the sample details:
95x30mm before cooking, 85x32mm after.
62g before cooking, 56g after.
That's a shrinkage of 4% & weight loss of approx 9%.
Apologies, no information on price.


EH Prior & Sons
Knights Hill Farm Shop
Grimston Road
South Wootton
Kings Lynn
PE30 3HQ



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