Earley's (Little Canfield) - Plain Pork

After completing his butchery training at Priors Hall Farm, Lindsell, young Aaron is out on his own and running his own butchery business...

Agreed the shop is tucked away somewhat on a newish development off the old A120 not far from Stansted Airport, and the "sat-nav" can't locate it properly from the post code, but when you do get there, what a lovely shop it is! Meats, cheeses, bottles and jars of preserved olives and peppers, really good oils, and lots of other beautiful foodie delights! AND here's a plus, easy parking outside...!

Now these sausages really shouldn't be called "plain pork". It implies they are somewhat "run of the mill". How far from the truth...

The quality of the making is so evident even in the raw. 90% quality well trimmed pork (from Priors Hall Farm in Dunmow no doubt), in really good quality skins doesn't sound much like "plain pork" to us. See the photo below. There's a good looking well made sausage!

We had arrived at the shop right at sausage making time and the mix was about to go into the sausage stuffer, and so hovered at the counter watching intently through the hatch as "creation" was happening. All new shiny equipment and scrupulously clean everywhere I might add.

Cooked up it was immediately obvious that these are a top product, and a best seller Aaron informs me. No residual fat in the pan, and no splits. Nicely browned skins and a texture within just under medium. Certainly enough succulence and firmness of bite giving a good chew to be honest. Some of the team here are fussy about sausage skins, well no worries with these, spot on!

We like plain pork, and we certainly like these!

All in all a very good well made sausage in our opinion which quite rightly goes in to our all time top ten. Well done that man... .

Earley's (Little Canfield) - Plain Pork  (Oct 2014)

Here's the sample details:
110x30mm before cooking, 105x30mm after.
81g before cooking, 74g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 4% & weight loss of approx 8%.
6 loose sausages 4.41 (approx: 8.99/Kg) Need to check this!.


Unit 5
Priors Green Local Centre
Little Canfield


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