Durrants Farm - Cumberland

While we were at Durrants Farm, Margaretting recently, we also picked up some Cumberland Sausages, along with the Chipolatas and some Honey & Mustards which we'll try soon...no point in just sampling one type is there? 

Durrants Farm, the artisan sausage producer based in Margaretting, Essex that operates from a family run small holding specialising in "homemade sausages" from their own rare breed pigs... 

Emily Stockwell is passionate about only using good ingredients.  No preservatives, no gristle, no skin or connective tissue, just carefully hand prepared quality cuts of pork get in to her sausages. 

Now these cumberlands are "BIG", and I'll say again, "BIG", weighing in at 110g on average...and when you think about it, each sausage is virtually a "quarter pounder"!  But don't be put off by their size, they cook up beautifully and taste wonderful.  The texture is medium to coarse, slightly crumbly and with the nicely browned natural hog skins this makes for a really good bite and a satisfying chew.

85%-87% meat, good quality hog casings none of which split or shrunk incidentally, a distinctive peppery flavour, and above all, the "BIG" meatiness!

Our sausage and mash dinner last evening was superb!  We really like these both hot, and cold!

We've said this before I know but Thursday is sausage making day each week at Durrants Farm, so don't just take our word for how good these are too, go get some to sample for yourself!

Durrants Farm - Cumberland
  (Sep 2012)

Here's the sample details:
125x32mm before cooking, 115x32mm after.
110g before cooking, 90g after on average.
That's a shrinkage of approx 8% & weight loss of approx 18%.
6 sausages in a 656g pack at 5.18 (7.90/kg)

Durrants Farm

Maldon Road


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