Crakeside (Ulverston) - Cumberland

Sourced a good looking 58cms of Cumberland from a small local shop in the Lake District today...pretty good taste and the sort of sausage we like....

The sausage, produced by the Crakeside Meat Co Ltd of Ulverston Cumbria, OK it was a bit long to treat as just one for our review so we measured and twisted up 4 x 120mm individuals and a short one from it for our sampling.  See photo below...

Cooked up they're good meaty and succulent but unfortunately weren't as flavoursome as we were expecting.  Good spice though but they could do with a bit more oomph we thought.  The skins were really good and browned very well. Smooth to medium texture, with a medium bite.  We all liked these with our mash, peas and gravy!

In comparison with other cumberland sausages we've tried from "down our way" they compare very well. A bit pricey but not bad all the same...

Didn't buy enough though...only one each. Must do better next time!

Crakeside (Ulverston) - Cumberland 
  (Sep 2012)

Here's the sample details:
120x30mm before cooking, 120x30mm after.
82g before cooking, 73g after average.
That's a shrinkage of approx 0% & weight loss of approx 11%.
5 sausages 3.99 (approx 9.67/kg)


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