Clarkes (Hevingham) - Original Plain Pork

Now you can hardly call these plain pork to be honest, they are far from plain and certainly tasted really very good!  Yes, yes getting too enthusiastic about the sausages from Hevingham in Norfolk...I suppose not everyone get's sausages for a birthday present now do they?  Well, this year that's exactly "what I got"...

We were visiting and staying for a few days on the Norfolk coast with family to celebrate my birthday, and my daughter travelled up later and stayed overnight at the Plough Inn, Marsham.  She had complimented the restaurant on it's food and they told her that they got their meat & sausages from Clarkes. So, she knows you know...Dad needs to try these sausages!

The sausage skins were very fine and as such we were expecting bursts and splits everywhere. Yes I know, they were free sausages and shouldn't complain.  Thankfully when they cooked up and browned the skins tightened and held together.  A few little splits were noticed but nothing serious. Texture-wise fine to medium and with a nice succulence.  The flavour and seasoning were spot on for us and the aroma from the pan whilst cooking was excellent.  Overly "porky" is not favoured here it seems, but these plain porks were "bootiful" as Granny says!  We noted the bite and chew were very good too, and a bit of silence whilst the troops munch is always a good sign!  There was unfortunately a noticeable weight loss of some 15% and a shrinkage of 10% which is OK but not great.

Now we found these were particularly good in a sausage and mash, and no doubt would work in a sausage toad too.  None left to try cold later unfortunately...note to daughter: buy more next time!

A very good (not so) plain pork sausage. 

Clarkes (Hevingham) - Original Plain Pork  (Sep 2016)

Here's the sample details:
110x30mm before cooking, 110x27mm after.
63g before cooking, 53g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 10% & weight loss of approx 15%.
Price-wise? They were a present after all...I'll find out, discretely.


Clarkes Quality Meats
Low Lane Farm,
Norfolk, NR10 5QY

01603 754233

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