Blixes Farm Shop (Chelmsford) - Supreme

Friends and clients who are retired farmers and know a thing or two about produce, gave us a tip off about Humphries & Sons at Blixes Farm near Chelmsford! We get all our meat from them they said...

Well far be it from us to ignore such advice, so we popped over to the farm shop located at Ranks Green, Fairstead, Chelmsford, Essex. Bit of a jaunt for us agreed given the 42 mile round trip, but we were on a sausage mission after all.

What a good shop though, a "proper" butchery and deli.  The queue of customers 20 deep in the shop given it's far from a high street location really shows the customer loyalty for Humphries & Sons.  What also struck me as old school values were people queued quite calmly and chatting waiting for the next in line to be served, and the time the butchery staff made for each customer to make sure that all was spot on!

Now we'd been told that the Supreme sausages were very good, so it seemed a shame to come all this way on only buy a single bag of sausages, so we filled two large carriers with an assortment of meats, joints, bacon and cheese. Christmas celebrations looming, so why not!

So the Supremes, well 80% pork in natural skins and looking very good in the raw, and at only 5.50/kg, only the cooking will tell then. 

A nice close to medium texture, good bite and the skins well browned made for a good chew.  The firmness and taste were just about right for me, however a couple of the troops commented that they felt that the skins were a bit too chewy.  Good flavour though we all agreed.

Given the cost per kilo, the minimum weight loss and shrinkage, these supremes offer really good value. Overall a blooming good sausage!

Blixes Farm Shop (Chelmsford) - Supreme (Dec 2013)

Here's the sample details:
110x34mm before cooking, 100x35mm after.
76g before cooking, 71g after.
That's a shrinkage of 6% & weight loss of approx 6%.
6 sausages approx. 2.63   (5.50/kg)


C Humphreys & Sons
Blixes Farm Shop
Ranks Green


Update 31/12/2013
We ate and really enjoyed the Blixes chipolatas with our turkey for Christmas lunch.  A proper review on these will appear soon.
Happy New Year to you all.


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