Ashcroft & Sons (Linton) - Chipolatas

On route home from Cambridge, I called in to Ashcroft & Sons of Linton...pork from Blythburgh in Suffolk...yes, very good sausages...

Rob Ashcroft and family have not long started their butchery business and the shop is only recently established (late 2013). The place is spotless, with all shiny new display cabinets, smart decor and the butchers blocks are like pristine! It's a smart modern looking butchers if ever I saw one!

I'm told these chipolatas follow the same mix as that which goes in to their bigger brothers the Linton, and are made from the same quality free range Suffolk pork. So 75%+ free range, Blythburgh pork in quality natural sheep cases, nice. Not too tightly stuffed even in the thin diameter chipolata cases and very good looking in the raw! As with the Lintons, Rob does add a touch of coriander to the mix to create something unique!

They cooked up really well and produced a "snappy" bite which I really like.  Now come on, chipolatas are not just kids food, we adults like them too!  Good smooth(ish) texture that looks like it's had an extra pass through the mincer. No additional residual fat in the pan and reasonable shrinkage / weight loss prompting a big thumbs up from us. 

An excellent meaty flavour and succulence just like the Lintons...a couple where left in the fridge for the "eaten later when cold test", but when I got there later they had been snagged and downed by the younger troops.  Doh!

Chipolatas are a snacking food evidently...smiley faces all round!

Ashcroft & Sons (Linton) - Chipolatas   (Feb 2014)

Here's the sample details:
135x17mm before cooking, 115x17mm after.
30g before cooking, 26g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 14% & weight loss of approx 13%.
4 loose sausages approx. 1.15   (9.75/kg)


Ashcroft & Sons
37 High Street,

Monday : Closed all day
Tuesday : 09h00 ~ 18h00
Wednesday : 09h00 ~ 18h00
Thursday : 09h00 ~ 18h00
Friday : 09h00 ~ 18h00
Saturday : 07h30 ~ 12h30
Sunday : Closed all day.


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