Alternative Meats (Shropshire) - Springbok

Sausage Review were invited to the recent Colchester Food & Drink Festival as judges, and with so many foodie delights available, we thought we'd try for ourselves some of the more exotic sausage fayre!...

Now Springbok is not something you see everyday, so with little encouragement necessary I bought a pack from one of the multitude of excellent stands and stalls.

OK the meat content of the springbok in the mix is only 57% with added pork fat, and the skins were sadly not natural, but the taste was very good.  In fact the skins aside, the smooth to medium texture and flavour did find some favour with the troops. A similar taste to that of a light venison would be the closest comparison.

Shrinkage and weight loss while cooking were at a minimum really, and there was no appreciable residual fat in the pan, so I'm sure the quality of the products used are fairly good, mind you the price at 13+/kg does make your eyes water a tad!  But then again...springbok is not something you see everyday!

We read that the meat plants from which the springbok meat is sourced are certified by the EU food standard agency under licence to be acceptable in Welfare, Hygiene and Conservation, and sourced under CITES control.

I'll be honest, if these sausages had been in natural skins they would have definitely scored higher...

Alternative Meats (Shropshire) - Springbok
(Jul 2014)

Here's the sample details:
110x28mm before cooking, 110x27mm after.
56g before cooking, 53g after.
That's a shrinkage of approx 4% & weight loss of approx 5%.
6 sausages in a 340g pack 4.50   (13.23/kg)


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