Churchgate - Toulouse

We last tried these very fine Churchgate Toulouse sausages way back in 2012 and sampling again was a pleasure to be honest.  The distinctive flavour is excellent and if you like red wine, garlic, parsley and spices as a flavour combination as we do, you'll like these for sure...[Read On]
Waitrose - Pork & Herb Chipolatas

Happened to take advantage of parking in our local Waitrose car park this week, and so picked up a pack of their Pork & Herb Chipolata sausages (and some odd bits of shopping), so that we got free parking and a complimentary coffee!. We tried these Pork & Herb Chipolatas last in May 2015, so yeah, Ok, it was way overdue that we tried these again...[Read On]
GS Pickett (Ware) - Cumberland

Choosing to go cross country or rather the scenic route to Ware in Hertfordshire, to avoid the madness of the A414 dual carriageway, I passed a small retail area in the residential North of the town near Wodson Park and found GS Picketts Family Butchers...[Read On]