SQUIG - Clever Cumberland

You know we've been sampling sausages in our journey for some time now, comparing, discussing, scoring, enjoying and the like, but how do you really compare these "Clever Cumberland" square sausages to other "regular" shape ones? These square ones are different we will give you that, and quite versatile as it happens!...[Read On]
Ripleys (Hoddesdon) - Pork & Leek

The pork and leek combination is a winner for sure. We've tried this before from other producers and enjoyed such, so looking at these with 75%+ pork with a generous amount of shredded leek in the mix, and loaded in to fine natural skins, anticipation was building as the samples went in to the pan....[Read On]
Churchgate - Toulouse

We last tried these very fine Churchgate Toulouse sausages way back in 2012 and sampling again was a pleasure to be honest.  The distinctive flavour is excellent and if you like red wine, garlic, parsley and spices as a flavour combination as we do, you'll like these for sure...[Read On]