Simon Dennis (Sawbridgeworth) - Moroccan

Simon Dennis our local butchers has been very handy during the recent lockdown, and it was whilst a recent "one in / one out" visit (as to be expected to be honest, it's a small shop) we noticed that they were now offering a few more flavours of sausage delight ...Moroccan...hmm?...[Read On]
Bob's Family Butchers (Hatfield) - Spicy

"There's peppery" we all said, having tried Bob's Spicy know what, that Mark Burley does make some interesting sausages!...[Read On]
Stephens (Bishops Stortford) - Pork Chipolata

As we've said before we do like a plain pork sausage it is true, and chipolatas we really do like too. So when a friend drops off a pack of chipolatas that are plain pork for us to try because he really liked them, and they are free, you just have to bung them in the pan and cook up a nice sandwich lunch...[Read On]